Lussurro LUX Premium Adobe Lightroom Presets

This set includes 14 of our most well known and beautifully designed Lightroom colour palette collections. Rich, Clean & Versatile. Light & Airy tones made to provide stunning results. A variety of presets make it Perfect For Lifestyle, Portraiture And Keeping Your Images Clean And Classic

BONUS PACK:  Adobe Lightroom Contrast and Grain Toolkit, which is guaranteed to speed up your workflow like never before.  All Lussurro presets are simple to use and fully adjustable for personalized customization and maximum flexibility. Adding contrast and grain are key components in delivering a high-quality photograph.

New to Lussurro LUX presets? Learn how to use our collections here.

LUX Premium Tools include:

  • 14 High-End Lightroom Presets
  • 5 White balances selections for a quick starting point when importing RAW files
  • Compatible with Adobe Lightroom 5-6, Classic, and CC desktop. Adobe Photoshop CS6 or later.
  • Compatible with Lightroom Mobile when synced through the subscription-based Lightroom CC desktop application*.
  • Windows & Mac Supported
*Note: You must have a paid subscription to Adobe Lightroom CC desktop in order to sync these presets with the free Lightroom mobile app  

Adobe Lightroom Presets & Tools in detail:

  • LUSS01 – Inspired by green and yellow earth tones and heartwarming comforts, designed to compliment all styles of wedding & portrait photography.
  • LUSS02 – Combining a beautiful mix of deep warmth, cooling tones, and rich contrasts, Solace is the perfect colour palette for adding that pro editorial touch to your images.
  • LUSS03 – Warming highlights, cooling shadows, and deep rich colour tones, creating the perfect palette for natural light portraits, wedding photography, and fashion lifestyle imagery.
  • LUSS04 – An added overall warmth, slightly tweaked individual colour tones, and the perfect amount of saturation and rich contrast, this palette brings instant life & depth to all photo styles.
  • LUSS05 – This colour palette is the perfect cooling compliment to wedding, lifestyle, and fashion photography of all kinds.
  • LUSS06 – With a mix of deep rich lavender shadows and olive toned highlights, Sweetbrier is the perfect palette for adding a truly unique artistic look to naturally lit portrait and wedding photography.
  • LUSS07 – Created for natural light portraiture, wedding photography, and even landscapes, this colour palette adds rich warmth and instant editorial beauty to all photography styles.
  • LUSS08 – Blushing wine shadows blend seamlessly with warm overtones and cooling highlights, creating the perfect palette for earth rich wedding photography and natural light portraiture.
  • LUSS09 – From natural light portraiture to lifestyle imagery, and wedding photography, Muse is designed to be a simple, yet highly effective colour palette that works wonders across the board.
  • LUSS10 – With silvery soft highlights, cooling shadows, and rich, colourful earthly tones, this palette truly is a royal treatment for your photos.
  • LUSS11 – Spice up your images with rich caramel tones, cinnamon warm shadows, and a dollop of sweet cream on top.
  • LUSS12 – Beautifully soft pink overtones, lush lavender shadows, and meticulously modified individual colour tones mix together to create the Powder Pink colour palette.
  • LUSS13 – With rich warm overcasts and individually customized colour tones, this colour palette works wonders across all styles of naturally lit wedding and engagement photography.
  • LUSS14 – With custom-blended colour tones and soft warming hues, this beautiful colour palette is guaranteed to add class and romance, while setting your photos apart from the rest.
  • LUSSURRO Colour, Contrast and Grain Toolkit (FREE BONUS)
adobe lightroom presets, wedding photography presetsadobe lightroom presets, wedding photography presets

LUSS02 –> Contrast Slider + 26 —> Curve Fade Highlights ++ (from our finishing touches preset pack)

adobe lightroom presets, wedding photography presetsadobe lightroom presets, wedding photography presets
LUSS06/3 –> Contrast Slider + 20 —> Vibrance +25—> Curve Fade Shadows ++ (from our finishing touches preset pack)
adobe lightroom presets, wedding photography presetsadobe lightroom presets, wedding photography presets

LUSS06 –> Contrast Slider + 16 —> Curve Fade Highlights + (from our finishing touches preset pack)

Version: 1.0.0