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SEO For Photographers

Have you ever felt like your photography business would thrive if you could just get your amazing work in front of more potential clients?
You’ve spent countless hours making your website looking the best it can be, even better than your competitors but you can’t understand why you’re not getting organic enquiries. 
These days it’s just not good enough to have a shiny lovely website with nice images. It get’s left in the Google sandbox, locked away UNLESS you conduct SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). 
For photographers, SEO is one of the most valuable opportunities for getting more traffic to your website and climb the Google rankings. 
Traffic that is consistent every month will generate reliable inquiries!
SEO is confusing. You’re a photographer…..not a computer expert. It’s a learning curve and one that we’re pretty good at!
Our goal with this SEO guide is to make it easy for you to optimise your photography website for search engines. We’ll take all the complicated jargon and explain it with real examples that will make sense to you as a photographer. 
If you invest a little time to read this entire guide, you’ll be able to implement the most crucial SEO factors that will bring real results. Results=more clients.
SEO doesn’t have to be confusing. We’re here to help you figure it out!

We’re going to stick to the fundamentals. 


"I'd spent months even years getting my wedding photography website looking amazing, with lots of great images but I wasn't getting any organic leads or website traffic, my site looked better than all my competitors, I didn't understand. It wasn't until I followed Lussurros' SEO tips for photographers that I realised that my approach was completely wrong. I now have hundreds of visitors each month with just a few simple changes, so happy!"
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Ryan Morris
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What is SEO?



What are search engines and why do I need to optimise my website?

It’s probably best we start with the basics

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are the connectors between humans and the information content on the internet, which is basically owned in an indirect way, by Google. When you want to find something on the internet, you type into the search box and the engine returns a result from the ‘index’. 


Understanding the difference between “indexing” and “ranking”

When Google finally discovers your wedding website and deems it worthy, the pages will get saved into Google’s database (called the index). 

At this point, your site has been indexed by Google. This is a crucial first step. You can’t rank your photography website until it has been indexed. This is also true for changes you make to your site or new content (like blog posts). Google has to discover the new content and index it before it can be ranked in the search results. 

The easiest way to check to see whether a site or page has been indexed is to do a site:search on Google. Just go to and type “” (without the quotes, and replace with your website). You can also do this search for a specific page if you want to check to see whether it is in the index. 

If you want the most accurate and up-to-date information that Google holds on you, you can check your index status in Google Search Console

Google will automatically crawl your site and look for updates on a regular basis. If you want a certain page to be indexed faster than Google normally crawls your site, you can ask Google to index the page from Search Console.

Now you know the basics of what SEO is download our FREE SEO GUIDE below to put you on the right track. Ultimately this will drive traffic to your website and get you booked!